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Battambang & sa province

Located in South-East Asia, the Kingdom of Cambodia is one of the 10 countries part of the regional institution ASEAN. Although the country has been striving to leave the category of the Least Developed Economies, it is still one of the poorest of the region.

Cambodia is home to 15 million inhabitants, 4 million of which are still leaving with less than 1.25$ per day (or a little less than 20% of the total population).

Cambodian context, seeing increased inequalities, limited access to social safety nets, negative impacts of climate change, corruption, lack of educational and thus economic opportunities for a large population of young workers, favours the emergence of exploitative situations.

In addition to that situation, as a tropical South East Asian country, Cambodia is one of the most vulnerable countries to the negative impacts of climate change, especially regarding droughts and flooding.

Battambang, as Cambodia’s second city in terms of population, located on the major link between Phnom Penh and Thailand through PoiPet international border checkpoint, is a city gathering a specific set of challenges.

In 2010, the province gathered 34% of poor households (about 76 466 people), mainly located away from the National 5 link between Cambodian capital and Thailand, on the western and southern districts.

Lack of economic opportunities, remote location, and medium to poor infrastructures[3], provide an ideal environment for child trafficking and child rights deprivation. In vulnerable communities, some children are left out of schools to bring financial support to their family instead, sometimes working in risky conditions, increasing their vulnerability to traffickers and abusers. In the long run, depriving children from their rights sets the conditions to repeat the poverty cycle and keeps Cambodia from achieving its potential.

[1] http://www.no-trafficking.org/cambodia.html
[2] Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey 2013
[3] “Identification of poor households Atlas”, p.20 to 23, WFP & Cambodia Ministry of Planning, August 2012, http://www.mop.gov.kh/Projects/IDPoor/tabid/154/Default.aspx

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