Reception, Rehabilitation and Reintegration

KMR receives street and poor children, children victims of domestic violence and trafficked children from 3 months to 18 years old in its centre. Part of these children are referred through Poipet Transit Centre, at the Thai border or by other NGOs. The other ones are referred through the social district of Battambang that identifies children in urgent need of protection. Our residential care is just a short-term facility. For their well-being and balance, children should not stay longer than 3 years in our institution center.

The shelter is composed of 5 houses, comfortable and safe. The first floor is for sleeping and each children have a private cupboard. The ground floor is used for classroom, creation and playing activities and there is one storage room per house unit (for rice, bikes, etc.). The centre has two wells which provide water for bathing, washing clothes and growing vegetable or trees. A wall delimits KMR’s property.

KMR has also a playground for children, a football field and land for growing vegetables and fruit trees. There is a library, a counselling room, a meeting and seminar room for children and staff. In addition to this, one building was finished in 2006 for children to put on shows, take part in group activities or to be used as a vocational training room.

During their stay in the centre, KMR provides children and youth with all materials and services they need. Eight caretakers are waSchool KMR 1tching over them and provide them with warmth and understanding. Through psychological counselling, these children can overcome their traumas in order to get prepared to leave our institution and be reintegrated in a family environment. While they stay in the centre, every child is placed under the responsibility of a case manager that traces and assesses the situation of its biological family to envisage a reunification. Children are also sent to public schools to reintegrate the education system or placed with trainers to learn vocational skills.

The residential centre run by Komar Rikreay has always been a short-term facility to protect children and take the time to prepare their reintegration in their own families. Indeed, we do believe that children have better chance to develop themselves in a safe family environment than in an institution.

Komar Rikreay thus intervenes to improve family environment through the provision of individual and economic support. The aim is to reintegrate children in a sustainable way after they have been passing through the centre or alternative care. Families and children must have the same will to live together and commit for their mutual well-being.

Reintegration always aims at the best interest of children to grow in an environment that favours their fulfilment. For short terms, KMR residential or alternative care facilities are important moments to help children and families to build a safe environment for them and learn how to live together. This stage of preparation is inescapable in most cases. It leads to more chances to have successful and sustainable reintegration.


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