Alternative care

Acknowledging that there were some children who can’t be reunited with their original family or relatives, Komar Rikreay has been implementing an Alternative Care program since 2004. Indeed, rampant poverty and risks to safety including domestic violence and other forms of abuse make it necessary to consider alternative care options. In addition, some of these children are orphaned or abandoned and need to have access to other kind of care than the family reunification. Therefore, the need appeared to develop foster care services.

Besides, mobilizing and training community members as foster families helps achieve the overall challenge of reinforcing child protection system in Cambodia sustainably.

There are different alternative care facilities implemented around town:


Kinship care: the child is reintegrated to live with one of its relatives;

Foster care: One child is placed in a foster family;

Group home care: Up to 5 children are placed in a house in the community, cared by villagers;

Independent living: a youth benefiting from KMR services is empowered to manage a house where its siblings are living.

Children living in foster care also benefit from rehabilitation services, including school reintegration, sport and cultural events, trip to the seaside at the occasion of Khmer New Year, between other activities. Komar Rikreay takes in charge all the costs necessary to achieve their access to basic rights and their well-being.

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