Our Programs

Komar Rikreay leads a mission to address the needs of street children, trafficked children repatriated from Thailand and vulnerable children living in Battambang province. We developed several projects around this specific target in order to get a holistic approach of the issues they face:

Reception, Rehabilitation and Reintegration >

KMR welcomes a hundred children per year in its centre and help them to overcome their traumas. In our transitional shelter, we build futures for disadvantaged children and prepare them to be reintegrated in their communities.

While they stay in its shelter, KMR traces and assesses children’s families. KMR’s social workers and families of vulnerable children then make a work plan together in order to develop new activities to improve their living. If they manage to better their situation socially and economically, we envisage the reintegration of their children and follow them during one year.

Alternative care > Some children could not be reintegrated with their own families. As we believe that children better develop in a family environment than in an institution, KMR tries to seek for alternative solutions to allow each child to grow in a family. Thus, we place children in foster families or group homes in the local communities.

Outreach >

Many communities in Battambang are living in poor conditions and put their children at risk (child labour, street working, etc.). Children face serious health issues and never have the chance to go to school.

Komar Rikreay has developed a three-folded outreach program:

  • Access to education and training in Battambang slums
  • Families’ support to prevent un-necessary separation throughout the province
  • Key community stakeholders’ capacity building throughout the province
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