Our Partners

Over the past 17 years, Komar Rikreay has evolved and developed the services provided to its beneficiaries thanks to technical support, institutional funding and donations.

That’s how every year we can work with about 300 children, their families and local authorities toward an improved child protection system.

Technical Partners and Networking

The “Partnership Programme with Civil Society Organizations to Strengthen Child Protection Systems“, known as 3PC, started in November 2011 for a 3 years period. It is led by UNICEF and facilitated by Friends International. It aims at strengthening child protection systems in Cambodia. Komar Rikreay is one of the 10 NGOs selected to be part of this national network that also involves the Ministry of Social Affairs. Through this partnership, we all contribute to build a new model of integrated partnership with other NGOs in order to minimize our costs and maximize our impacts.

The Coordination of Case Management is facilitated by COSECAM and involves 24 local NGOs. It aims at supporting each other and sharing experiences. Local authorities are also invited to join in order to coordinate our efforts for vulnerable people’s protection.

The Border Issues Group for Children (Big C) is a network located in Poipet, at the border with Thailand, where a lot of children are being trafficked or repatriated. The aim of the network is to implement common actions in order to protect and prevent children from trafficking and child labour. We focus on how to rescue and provide accurate support to children and women who migrated or worked at risk at the Thai border and in Thailand. Every year, we also lead a campaign. The theme of the last year campaign was “Human are not for sale”.

Very consistently over the last years, Friends International and Koma Regree France have been working alongside Komar Rikreay on various aspects such as sharing good practices, capacity building, project development and fundraising.

Financial Partners


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