About KMR

  • 1st of June 1998 : The organization was founded to celebrate the International Children Rights Day.
  • 8th of October 1998 : The Ministry of Interior approves KMR’s statute and mission.
  • 2004 : Creation of Alternative Care Program.
  • 2014 : Creation of Community & Family Empowerment Program.


KOMAR RIKREAY  (KMR) is a local Cambodian organization working since 1998 and focusing on child protection and safe reintegration in Battambang province, on the North – West of Cambodia.

It was first created to address the street and trafficked children through the provision of distinct services mostly related to rehabilitation and reintegration (reunification with families or relatives). KMR does not serve any political group or party, makes profit, or discriminates against any group.

Our Vision

All children are entitled to grow up in safe environments, with their rights, well-being, and dignity respected.

Our Mission

KMR provides social services to vulnerable children and their families to address the short-, medium- and long-term needs of vulnerable children and their families. We provide a safe environment for most at-risk children through our KMR Center; prepare children for brighter futures through health and mental health care, education, and skills training; and advocate for social and change to promote the rights of children.


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